2012 Calendar

2012 Calendar

Have you made your personal plan for next year? Do you have a plan to move your house? Will you graduate next year? Are you planning to propose your spouse in 2012? What about choosing 12-12-12 as your special day next year?

There are plenty of next year activities that should be planned carefully since now. For example, if you plan to have a wedding ceremony in 2012, you should prepare it at least one year from D-Day, for example, booking wedding place, designing wedding gown, etc. If you plan to have a vacation to foreign countries next year, you should consider your children school holidays and your office peak activities.

To plan your activities in year 2012, you need 2012 calendar. And you can use this 2012 calendar to help you managing your activities, since it has features to mark important dates based on your planned events, holidays and reminder notes. You can modify its categories based on your needs since there are only three columns and colors available to mark important dates.

And there are default national holidays and observances for US country. You can add your personal or school holidays or adjust those national holidays to suit your country or state holidays.

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