Biorhythm Chart

Biorhythm Chart

How do you feel about your life? Is it OK and it is going right on track? Well, before you said yes, it would be better if you learned something more, something a bit deeper. Have you ever heard anything about Biorhythms Chart? Well, this kind of charts simply shows you the conditions of your body biorhythm. According to the experts, biorhythm chart is built from three lines which represent three different people parameters which affect their daily activities.

The first one is the physical biorhythm. This line is showing you about your strength. It also shows the condition of your endurance, power and latest condition of your health. The second one is the Emotional biorhythm. As its name, it shows you the chart of your emotional condition. It shows you the stability of your psychological condition, your capabilities to empathize and others. This is truly related to your emotional condition at that moment. The third biorhythm chart is the Intellectual biorhythms. This chart is going to show you about the condition of your verbal ability. Not just that, it would also show you about your mathematical and creative abilities. The most important part is, it also shows you about your ability to analyze your environment.

You can create your own biorhythm chart by converting the formula into OpenOffice chart, but if you need a ready-made one in OpenOffice Calc, you can download it below.

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