Bowling Scoresheet

Bowling Scoresheet

Have you ever played bowling? If you play bowling for the first time, perhaps you will get confuse about its score regulation. Bowling has its own score system which you cannot find in other type of sports. If you want to have a perfect game, you have to get 12 strikes (strike is hitting those 10 pins in the same time) in a row. 9 strikes in 1 – 9 frame, and 3 strikes in 10 frame. If you cannot get a strike, you will have a chance for getting a spare (spare is hitting 10 pins in two occasions in one frame). By getting a strike or spare, you will have a bonus point which will be added at the end of the following frame.

If you want to understand more about the score regulation, you can download this OpenOffice Bowling Scoresheet which is created with the same scoring formula. You can simulate your game and put your number in this spreadsheet. And you will see the score outcome based on your input. You can use this spreadsheet as your scoresheet also. You can put your score result in this spreadsheet and save it. You can duplicate the worksheets as many times as you want so you can have your bowling score history, which probably you will need to analyze your game.

You can use it also to record any tournament which involving your friends since it can accommodate until 8 people to bowl together.

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