2015 Calendar Templates

2015 Calendar Templates

These are openoffice writer templates for 2015 Calendars. These calendars should ease you creating a plan for year 2015 without creating a calendar from the beginning. With these templates, you can focus on finding the correct dates and creating your plan. There are two models you can download and use.

The first calendar is a one page calendar where all months are aligned in tabular style while the second one is a 12-page calendar, one month in one page. You can use the first one and print it directly if your intention is to have a calendar where you can scratch it at anytime, especially if you have unplanned event or you want to make it as a schedule to be distributed among your groups. You can use the second one if you plan to write a short note below the dates within the same page. You can print and stick it on your wall or you can insert it within your workbook. You can personalize these calendars, too. You can change its font size and color, add new background, change paper size, remove or modify notes parts, etc. Beside using openoffice, you can also use libreoffice to customize these calendars. If you need a more sophisticated one, you can download the calc version.

  2015 Monthly Calendar (17.7 KiB, 2,450 hits)

  2015 Year Calendar (19.9 KiB, 1,525 hits)

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