2017 Calendar Template

This is an OpenOffice calendar template for year 2017. It is a one page calendar with all dates already filled in respective cells. You are going to need it if you want to plan your activity and agenda in 2017. By using this calendar, you can find perfect dates for any of your activities, such as your family vacation, moving apartment, moving jobs, buying house etc. For example, you can mark your children holidays and ask your wife/husband to have similar leave dates. And by submitting your leaves to your HR department sooner, your company will adjust your tasks accordingly, and it might block other employees to have similar leave dates with yours. And,you can also start finding and book flight and hotels to get cheaper prices which could lower down your budget. And, of course, you can start to save some money and spread it into particular months for that vacation purposes.

2017 Calendar OpenOffice Template - Writer

If you plan to get a new job, you can count it down to find suitable dates on submitting your resumes to targeted companies. And you can predict needed time for all those recruitment process. Other agenda could also be prepared in advance, like purchasing your favorite singer concert ticket, your children event exhibition and many more, just to make sure that you don’t miss it when the date is come.

It is just a plain calendar. To start use it, you can print it as it is, prepare your pen and start marking important dates or date periods. You can change its color background, change its font, increase its font size, or add other important information in this one page writer calendar. Since you can print it by yourself, you can print it as many times as you want. You will need it if you want to make this calendar as a tool to inform you friends or colleagues about your activities in year 2017.

You can download 2017 calendar template for OpenOffice below.

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