8 Hour Shift Schedule

8 Hour Shift Schedule

If you are a staff and spend most of your working time in shift, probably you notice that eight hour is the most common period being used for shift work. This period is selected because of its easiness on rolling people and its compliance with the government employment policy. Using this period, you will have the same 5 days work and two days off every week. And for employers, it help them to calculate the working period each week easily.

This is an 8 hour shift schedule template that you can use to roll your employees to work in three shifts where every shift is 8 hours long in one week period. This is not an automatic template that will help you calculate and manage your shift work schedule. You need a calc template to do that.Just write the name of your employee, put marks on related name based on their schedule within a week. Print and distribute it to your employee.

If you deploy a different shift period but still divide your company daily working into three shift a day, you can use this template and modify the time length information from eight hour to your custom hour.

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