Certificate of Membership

Certificate of Membership

Running a business means you have to always provide the best for your customer, especially the loyal ones. One of the best ways is to give some privileges for membership program. If you are having a store, fitness center, or other businesses, membership is something important to keep your loyal customer appreciated. Not only for business, a membership program is also essential for organization and other institutions.

Once a person becomes a member, it is substantial to have something for acknowledgement. Certificate of Membership can be a good alternative. By having one, a member can easily enjoy the privilege of being a part of an institution. This certificate is a great option to make someone recognized as a member. When applying for a job in a company, or applying to be a student in an university, certificate of membership from certain organization or community is very important as a proof of participation.

If you are running a business or an executive in an institution, it is very recommended to hand a certificate of membership to people you choose. This may seem like a small piece of paper but the meaning is beyond that. If you are not familiar with it, simply use this template to help you create one. It requires OpenOffice Writer word processor to do some modification. This template contains sections for name of the recipient, the purpose or objective, signature, and date. This template also has a space for your company or institution logo, and information about membership duration. Feel free to modify this template based on your need.

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