Chronological Resume

Chronological Resume

The most common resume format is a chronological resume format where it puts the focus on your previous working experiences and the responsibilities you had while there. It draws from the advancement and vertical moving you have done since your graduation.It is primarily based on factual information and tells who, what, where, and when.

You should use a chronological resume if

  • you have a good work history, for example you are always working in wellknown companies,
  • you have had no time-gaps, for example you are always working as an employee since your graduation,
  • you have not had numerous job changes, this is important for employer to value that you are a loyal employee,
  • you have a good career progression, for example you’ve been regularly promoted because of your accomplishment

And when you are using this format, make sure that employer will be easy to follow your information. Try to bold important words, for example your job title and accomplishments. To ease on using this template, unhide table border from table menu, but don’t forget to hide it again after you finished your resume.

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