Classroom Sign In Sheet

Classroom Sign In Sheet

Classroom sign in sheet is an important tool for teachers to record attendance of students. It is a simple document used to deal with student attendance on daily basis. A teacher certainly needs to make sure that every student attends classroom since it is an important part to gain educational goal. Keeping track of student attendance enables teachers to evaluate any problem a student is suffering from. Research shows that all educational institutions worldwide provide sign in sheet to take control of student attendance since it is assumed as an effective way to give student best education.

In a classroom sign in sheet, there are some parts that commonly exist. The first one is class referring to specific classroom.  A school usually consists of some classrooms and ‘Class’ in the sheet reflects to a classroom among some available in the school. Day/Date is the other part of classroom sign in sheet that identifies a specific time. The next part of the sign in sheet is ID. It is a column to record identity number of every student in a class. Aside from ID, Name is also an important column available in the sheet. The last part of sign in sheet is sign, which used to put signature of students as validation. All of the things mentioned above with respect to classroom sign in sheet certainly can be modified. You, for example, can add column of Description to note specific occasions. Regardless of the form, classroom sign in sheet is proven effective to monitor progress of students in their study.

You can create a Classroom Sign In Sheet using an OpenOffice suite. You can download a sample below and open it in Writer application.

  Classroom Sign In Sheet - 2 Columns (10.6 KiB, 799 hits)

  Classroom Sign In Sheet - 3 Columns (10.6 KiB, 817 hits)

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