Daily Event Schedule

Daily Event Schedule

There are many events which are being held only in one day. Some examples of one day events are seminar, training, public lecture, and concert. Usually you will see a piece of paper with all sessions information from session which begin in the morning until it is ended in the evening. Length of its sessions, the speakers and topics in each sessions are most common information that you can read.

These are one page schedule templates that you can use to plan your one day event. If you use this template as part of multi-day events, make sure that you put date and day names on top of the table to prevent any duplicates when you sort it out. There are two models. The first one is having a fixed time, and the second one is having a blank time column where you can fill it with session time period. Because this is just a simple template, you should customize it to make it more attractive. For example, you can modify the border styles, enlarge some important words, change some font styles, add pictures etc.

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