Donation Gift Certificate

Donation Gift Certificate

When you consider sending a gift to a person you love and at the same time the gift will also help other people, you had better consider to get a donation gift certificate and then give it to the person. Besides it functions as a gift, it is also to remind them that there are still many less fortunate people out there. By doing it, you have tried to remind other people of being more sensitive to the reality.

More people have been conscious that many other people are less fortunate and need to be helped. The certificates have successfully forced them to spend their money for the charity. After they receive the certificates, hopefully they will donate what they have, even if they do it just  because they respect you. You must also know that some foundations sell the certificates to get more contribution from other people. They do it to collect more donations but they do not involve the donators.

This donation gift certificate template below can be downloaded for free. You can use it as a reference to create your own certificate. Or, to shorten the process, you can just use this template and add information related with your organization. You just need an OpenOffice suite to open the file and do the modification.

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