Functional Resume

Functional Resume

A functional resume is a resume that highlights an applicant’s specific experiences, accomplishment, and skills rather than work history chronological listing. A functional resume is also used to hide gaps in your employment history. If you were out of work for a year or more, that can be hard to explain on a chronological resume. With the emphasis placed on your skills, the gaps are not as noticeable. This is a kind of resume that ideal for you who returning to become an employee again.

If you are targeting a resume to a specific job and want to get a better response, you can submit this functional resume where you can showcase a particular set of skills that is important to the position.

If you are a fresh graduate person who don’t have any working experiences, you can use this functional resume to highlight your academic achievement, for example you have a very good math grade, which could be useful for getting engineering jobs, or you have a very good accounting grade, which could be useful for getting job in finance or accounting companies, or your GPA is within top 10 in your university which could show your ambition to become the best etc.

Before writing your functional resume, try to write in other paper your resume in chronological order and put all of your accomplishment in that resume. Then select your best accomplishment that related with your target position in your target company. Select persuasive words in your resume and highlight it by bolding important words.

This template is just a guidance template. Do not stick with category item inside. Try to describe the best of you in your own words to impress employers and give you a call for interview.

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