House Cleaning Schedule

House Cleaning Schedule

From where do I have to start cleaning my house? That’s a common questions from people who wants to clean their house but doesn’t do it daily. Cleaning the house can be a daunting task if you are not doing it regularly. You need to make a plan where you have to commit with discipline. You can make a plan based on how long you will be at home (as working or house mom) and how many children that you have to take care.

Some samples of daily cleaning activities that you can put on your plan without consuming most of your day time are wash the dishes, make your bed, send your clothes to laundry, clean the floors, and clean the dust in every rooms. You can put some others and calculate the needed time to do that work.

Beside daily activities, there are other activities that you can make a plan to do it once, twice, or three times a week. And you should make a reminder on this activities so you won’t forget that. Some examples of those activities are vacuuming your couch, cleaning out closets, cleaning refrigerator etc.

This is a house cleaning schedule template that you can use as a reference to make a weekly plan of your house cleaning activities. You can modify it first. And after you print it, you can start writing down all your activities and mark your plan schedule on corresponding daytime.

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