Issue Log

Issue Log

In any business, there will be always any projects that should be conducted by any workers and supervisors. Well, in order to make sure that the process of any projects runs smoothly, the need of Issue Log may become so much important to provide if your company or business want to execute certain projects. Well, the main function of such issue log actually is to monitor any ongoing projects as well as any done or closed projects. Commonly, such log is used to track any process even errors occurring during the projects.

Whether for the workers or supervisors, Issue Log may become so much important to gain better management to any issues of projects and also the estimation of the progress of such projects. Yet, there are some of you perhaps who have no idea about the form of the template of such log. In this case, to make sure that your business projects run appropriately, you need to learn more about the template of such log indeed.

In understanding about Issue Log template, any people need to learn about the contents of the template indeed. On the top of the template there will be the day/date. If it is about the columns, there are 9 columns containing information about issue number, issue description, responsible, reported date, action, action date, due date, priority, and also the status. If you are satisfied enough with the template, you can download the OpenOffice template below and start typing related information in corresponding columns without modification. But, you are still free to do some customization on this template.

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