Meeting Agenda

Meeting Agenda

One of the most important elements for having a productive meeting is to have an effective agenda which followed by all participants. You will need this if you are a very busy person that have to attend several meetings and you need to make or contribute for a decision. Or, if you have to jump from one location to another location for meeting and you have to consider traffic jam between those meeting locations. With well designed agenda, there will be no unnecessary topics have to be discussed because all important topics already stated in agenda before the meeting begun.

This agenda template will help you managing your meeting. Use this for your reference on creating your own agenda with your company style. Or, you can copy the main template and paste into blank or your company letterhead word document. This template is divided into 5 (five) big parts, attendees/participants, agenda, goals, assignments and conclusion. You can add your custom item or delete irrelevant item in this meeting agenda form.

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