Motorcycle Bill of Sale

Motorcycle Bill of Sale

Have you already had a motorcycle dealer? Or else, do you want to sell your motorcycle? If so, then it is sure that you will be involved in a transaction. At first glance, the entire process of transaction would be simple and easy to understand. As a buyer, you need to check with the motorcycle you choose, negotiate with the owner, pay some money, and then bring that motorcycle to your home.

The case will be different from the seller. As a seller, you need to pick a motorcycle to sell, place a price on it, advertise it, negotiate the price with a potential buyer, and receive the payment at the end of the transaction. Before any transaction takes place, you probably need to prepare a motorcycle bill of sale. It is used as a proof or a sort of evidence which shows that there is truly a transaction done by you – as a seller – and the buyer. A bill of sale should protect both of the parties from any dispute that may occur in the future.

If you are looking for a reference, you can download this motorcycle bill of sale template. It needs an Open Office Writer to read and do some modification. You can add more terms as well as add other information in this template, depending on your need and concern.

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