Rent Receipt

Rent Receipt

Most people surely want to get their own home. But, a house is surely not kind of cheap thing that everyone can afford. Other alternative that they can take is renting a house, apartment, or room for living. In large city where the cost of dwelling is really high, renting a dwelling often becomes the main option that people take.

Renting a house or apartment seems simpler but sometime people meet problem when the landlord or apartment owner charges them for not paying the monthly bill. It is common thing that many people meet today, although they might think they have paid it, but the landlord still accuses them. Sometime, the accusation is made just caused by human error as such landlord does not remember that he actually has received the money from his house or apartment renter. To avoid such condition people now use the Rent Receipt as the proof that certain renters have paid their regular bill. Additionally, it can also help to avoid bad credit report. Inability to pay monthly apartment bill can bring bad credit report, but sometime mistake occurs as actually such renter has paid his bill but it is not recorded. In this part, such receipt can be the helper to prove his payment.

As mentioned before, such rent receipt is the proof of someone has already paid his or her rent. It is a form with the main parts are the name of the renter and the receiver, rental address, and the amount of paid money. Besides, such main parts there are also included payment method, payment date, and memo (if there something needs to be added). Below is one of rent receipt template created using OpenOffice Writer word processor that you can use as your reference on creating your own receipt.

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