Standard Business Card

Standard Business Card

When two people meet for business meeting for the first time, usually they exchange their contact information using small cards. That card is called a business card.

The common size of a business card is 2″ x 3.5″. In that card, you should find someone’s name, his or her business entity or company where he/she works for, address, phone numbers and email, so you won’t have any difficulties when you plan to contact him/her to make a business progress.

There are thousands of ready made business cards that you can use using several kind of softwares. But, if you need a simple and blank business card where you just want to print your contact information, you can download and use this one. With its simplicity, you can make your own business card quickly and print it anywhere. Probably you will need it when you forgot to bring or run out your business card while attending some seminars or exhibition.

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