Weekly Meal Planner

Weekly Meal Planner

Planning what meal your family or your employee should eat everyday should be a tough job to do for some people :), especially when you are limited by budget, or have to consider health food, or have to make many meal variations as possible. It is more simple if you just handed this job to experience people, like catering people or cooking mother.

This is a printable weekly meal planner template that probably you might need it when you plan your weekly meal for your family or for your office needs. There are two version available, portrait and landscape version. Portrait version will have name of the days at the left side of the table, and landscape version will have name of the days at the top of the table. You can write meal item at corresponding cells. You can either type it using openoffice writer before you print it, or you can print it blank and write it manually.

  Weekly Meal Planner - Landscape (10.4 KiB, 2,317 hits)

  Weekly Meal Planner - Portrait (10.7 KiB, 1,861 hits)

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