Periodic Table of Elements

Periodic Table of Elements

For some student, science is not an easy subject to learn. It is tougher than math. Some others may think otherwise. It can be fun to solve science cases. It will be more exciting to do any experiment with different chemical liquid in the laboratory. However, the correct calculation is required to produce the successful experiment. So, what does a student of science like you need?

It is Periodic Table. Are you familiar with this? It consists of many elements and is applicable on different industries especially chemistry and chemical engineering. The table has been known for years ago, but the format is always renewed as many new elements are found. That is why you are not able to use the old table for studying. You need the new Periodic Table. Besides consisting of element names and symbols, it also should cover brief information about each cell. You are always able to read it when studying the science.

If you want to have periodic table of elements which can be customized, you can use this OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet. You can customize it for your science or chemical exam purposes.  You can let some cells blank to test how well you can memorize all of the elements. Fill the black cells. If you practice often, it is possible to memorize them in a short time.

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