2013 Calendar

2013 Calendar

This is a one page 2013 Calendar to be used with Open Office Writer. The layout of this calendar is the same with the previous one where it has 12 month in one page where every month is starting with Monday as the first day of each week. Since it is created in Open Office, you will easily change its color, modify each header and change the title to suit your own preference. You can mark important dates by change its font color or fill its cell with red, blue or any other color. Or you print it as it is and mark it using a marker by crossing the date out or just circle it.

Your kids birthday, your marriage anniversary, your vacation weeks, are some of important dates that you have to mark on this calendar so you won’t miss it when the date is come and you also will have time to do some preparation on the occasion of those important events. Remember to put the calendar in the place that you can easily see, or you can stick it in your wall or your refrigerator.

So, if you are looking a 2013 Yearly Calendar created in OpenOffice that can be customized by yourself, you can download one of those calendar below.

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