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A yearly calendar shows all months on one page and allows people to organize their appointments without making their generic calendar dirty. Almost all people have a calendar hanging on their wall or lying on their desk. Some of them keep their calendar clean because they use it only as a reference that keeps them aware of time. There are, however, people whose calendar has so many marks printed or pinned on it that it looks very dirty and sometimes almost unreadable. Those people use their calendar not only as reference, but also as a tool for scheduling and organizing their important events. Instead of making their calendar dirty, they can actually print a separate calendar that they can use to record their appointments and planned events.

One Page 2016 Calendar for Writer

With 2016 calendar yearly template, creating a yearly calendar is far from being a hassle. Anyone who has a computer, a laptop or even a smartphone, which usually has been equipped with any popular word-processing program, can download the template and create the calendar in seconds.

Who Will Benefit from Using This Template?
The following people will surely find this calendar to their advantage.
1. People who travel a lot. Because they have to schedule all of their trips, this calendar template will surely be helpful for them.
2. Businesspersons and consultants with many appointments. Because they often have to deal with many clients and partners, they have to make sure that no two appointments are in conflict with each other. This calendar is a reliable tool to keep all appointments well organized.
3. People who will be having important events in 2016. Those who will marry or move to another city next year can use this template to keep record of their events.

Reasons to Use the Template
There are several reasons why you should use this template.
1. It is free and quick to download. The template is free to use. Due to its small size, it can be downloaded quickly even on slow internet connection.
2. It is easy to use and to modify. It can be modified and printed easily using Open Office Writer. People who don’t have access to this proprietary program can use free alternatives that are widely available.
3. Multiple calendars can be created using this one template. People who need a calendar to keep track of appointments and another calendar to record important events can create multiple calendars for that purpose using this template.

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