Basic Resume

Basic Resume

Writing a resume should be difficult when you don’t have experience on it. Sometimes, people is just taking a shortcut by typing resume in a blank resume form… And the result? They have never been called from their targeted companies forĀ  tests or interview. Even if you don’t have enough experiences to be written in a resume, you should make a well written resume with all available information about yourself.

This basic resume should guide you to write a well written resume. At least you know what kind of information you have to write. If you are already know how to write a resume, you should skip this template.

This template consists of six categories that you should fill. You can remove, change or add categories if you feel you don’t have any good information to be written or you have any valuable information to be known by your employer. Those six categories are Objective, Education, Experience, Activities, Training/Certification/Skills and References. There is short category description inside this template that you can follow to complete your resume. Be sure to delete guidance information inside it before submitting your resume, or your employer will see you as a careless person :).

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