Pet Certificate of Birth

Pet Certificate of Birth

Having a pet is such a nice thing to do. Pet can accompany us playing, taking a walk, sightseeing and many more. Sometimes when we are sad, our pets will do some funny things to entertain us. However most pets, like a dog for example, sometimes likes to play around and get lost. If the founder of our dog is a kindhearted man, maybe he will get our pet back to us when that person sees the identity in our dog’s necklace, but if that person is not he will take it away especially if the dog looks expensive,

As the pet owner, we have to be more aware and concern to the safety of our pet. We have to keep them since it is a baby this is why we need a pet birth certificate. This certificate will help us to get our pet back when someone claims that our pet is his or hers. This pet certificate of birth is like a human have, proving to whom it belongs to. It will shows who is the owner of the pet, where it was born and the officer of legalize this certificate of birth. This is our strong proof to give our pet back and make its existence safer.

Below is the template you can use to create your own pet birth certificate. As mention before, you can use it for your dog, your cat or any other pets. Just open your OpenOffice and start the customization.

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