Phone Extension List

Phone Extension List

Many offices prefer to use the extension in their communicating system rather than using the private line for each floor. Since it is more effective and efficient to be used, using the this kind of system can save more money in internal office communication. It will not be reasonable if the company has to spend a lot just for making internal calls. The employers are also able to change their phone numbers easily when they have to move out from their rooms. However, since there are so many employers who use the phone line, each of them have to remember one by one. It is very annoying and disturbing since their times can be used for other things.

Now, every employer in the office does not need to save the extension number of their co-workers in their heads. Using the phone extension list can be so helpful to solve this problem. Many benefits that can be gotten such as there will be no wrong dial call, or the wrong message. The information will be conveyed faster, effective and efficient. There will be no time wasting to find out the phone number of Mr A, or B. This list will support the company achievement since each department can get the information faster.

There is an OpenOffice phone extension list template that you can download here. You just need to write the extension of your co-worker’s phone number in the “ext” column. Put also everyone’s extension number which seems related to your job. Then, write their names on the name list to make your communication process easier.  After that, writing the place, room or the department where they belong to. Nowadays, if you are a new employee who start working in a new company, the HR staff will give you a printable phone extension list that you can use directly without more typing works.

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