Wedding Preparation Checklist

Wedding Preparation Checklist

Planning your wedding should be a tough task. Especially, if you plan not to use a wedding organizer in order to keep your wedding budget low.  Why is it a tough task? Because you want to have a memorable ceremony and don’t want any mistakes ruin your once in a lifetime event. That’s the reason you should have enough time to prepare everything. One year preparation should be enough. And you should have a checklist where you can read and update anytime. My suggestions, try to focus on most important parts in the beginning, like find and booking your wedding place or church at your wedding date to make sure you will get married in your targeted place and not just ordinary place. Once your wedding date and place is confirmed, you can start to prepared everything toward that day.

Try to write down anything which relate to the wedding preparation. Internet has ease your tasks on finding information regarding wedding, compare with 20 – 30 years ago when internet is not known by your parents, and they need more time and effort to prepare their wedding. After having a checklist, try to share responsibilities with your best friends and relatives. It will lower your stress level by having people to help you.

I wrote this template with common item preparation in its table. You can erase them all and start to fill your items. Or you can modify the table to put other important things in different columns. Just try to download it and start to prepare your wedding. Wish you have a memorable and successful event.

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