Weekly Catering Menu

Weekly Catering Menu

Catering is a kind of business that providing food services to people or communities or companies. Example of catering services are lunch box services at some companies where employees of those companies will have to eat at the office instead of having lunch outside the office. Another common example is food services at wedding ceremonies where the catering service has to provide variety menu for wedding guests including wedding tart.

Catering is often sold on a per-person basis, meaning that there is a flat price for each additional person. If you are running a catering business, it is necessary to keep the cost of the food and supplies below a price margin in order to make a profit on the catering. Before a company or a person pick a catering service, usually they would like to see the price and its menu variation. So, it is very important for catering companies to have good menu variation with good taste and price.

This weekly catering menu template below will help you, who plan to provide a catering service to small community or your company, to design a menu for one week period. This template is not suitable for wedding ceremonies. Make sure you make a good and healthy food variation, so your clients are satisfied and continue to use your services.

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