Body Fat Calculator

Body Fat Calculator

There are several methods to calculate body fat percentage, where it usually can be used to measure someone health status. Body fat percentage is defined as the total weight of the person’s fat divided by the person’s weight. There are two popular methods to calculate it based on different parameter between men/women and also based on their weights/heights. Those method are US Navy method and Caliper method, developed by A.S. Jackson, and M.L. Pollock in year 1985.

Parameters used in US Navy method are :

  • Weight (men and women),
  • Waist (men and women),
  • Wrist (women only),
  • Hip (women only),
  • Forearm (women only)

Parameters used in Caliper method are :

  • Height (men and women),
  • Neck (men and women),
  • Abdomen (men and women),
  • Hip (women only)

But, both methods will only give you an estimation. And the classification is based on statistic or research which could be different in different health location.  Use this result only for your additional information.

To use this calculator, just enter your personal information in corresponding cells either in method 1 or 2 or both. You will see your body fat calculation result and your classification status. But, remember that these results is only for your reference. There are many factors that can affect your health, keep discipline on your healthy habit and always ask your doctors for a better objective health analysis.

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